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The Skribblerz Stonez 3 - The Tempest Keep by Wasp

Bene 9 9 10 10
Blue43 9 9 10 9
Dick 8 9 8 10
DJ Full 9 9 9 9
dmdibl 9 10 9 9
eRIC 9 10 10 10
ersatz 10 10 10 10
Jack& 9 9 8 7
jawi 9 7 10 9
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jorge22 9 9 9 10
Jose 8 9 9 9
Magnus 9 8 8 8
manarch2 8 8 9 9
MichaelP 9 9 10 9
Mytly 9 8 9 9
Phil 10 9 10 10
Ravenwen 10 9 10 10
Relic Hunter 10 10 9 10
Ruben 10 9 9 10
Ryan 9 9 10 10
Samu 9 9 9 9
Shady Croft 9 9 9 9
Spike 10 9 10 10
Treeble 8 8 9 9
release date: 25-Dec-2008
# of downloads: 125

average rating: 9.17
review count: 25
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file size: 126.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Lovely environments (the underground cove is beautiful) and fast paced gameplay, with a number of jumps you need to time through spikes as you ascend and navigate the areas. I don't think I'd have fared well on my own as some of the areas you are meant to get to are a little unorthodox, and I don't recall ever seeing squishy walls in underwater rooms, although you didn't have to swim past them you still had to make tricky angled running jumps couple with a low ceiling. To wrap things up in the whole package there's also a boss battle after retrieving the Skribbler Stone. All in all, yet another fine addition in a mighty fine collection. 50 minutes, 3 secrets. 03/24" - Treeble (01-Apr-2024)
"I’ve wanted to play this game since I first saw it, but years had to pass, until I finally got to complete it. And I wasn’t disappointed even one bit! The game is extremely atmospheric what is created by incredible architecture and perfect lighting. The author managed to bring in the naturalness of caves with all their shadow plays and tiny details. A very good reason to try this game are sights alone. There are three main locations in the game (and a few smaller ones) and each one of them is breath-taking. Another incredibly well-crafted aspect is the gameplay. I would say it is typical Tomb Raider from the old days with a strong acrobatic aspect. There is a lot of climbing and jumping around, which I have not experienced in other custom levels to a comparable extent. I also loved the balance between the quantity of weapons and ammo provided and the enemies you have to face: you get plenty of both, so you can use one against the other with full satisfaction. There are some interesting timed runs and a faint hint of puzzles. Everything leads to a grand finale, which is also very Tomb Raiderish: I won’t spoil anything, but one knows that they is in a very much “final” area. The only drawback for me was the lack of high-quality objects: the ones used have been gathered from a handful of collections what sometimes stands out. And there are not many of them placed around (what again is very old- school, but in my opinion makes the overall feel a little bit empty). Strangely enough, the sound samples are also taken from different sources what can distract you from the immersion. Music comes mainly from Tomb Raider 1 and it shows up quite often, what I enjoyed a lot.
I have seen screenshots from Wasp’s upcoming “In Blaze of Glory” (it looks amazing) and I hope it will see the light of the day eventually, because judging by the quality of this single level, a whole levelset from the author would be mind-blowing. Anyway, this one is highly recommended if you want to play a classic TR game with just one level." - jawi (25-Jun-2020)
"Definitely the most enjoyable and most memorable level from the Skribblerz Stonez 3 series, due to its immaculately crafted surroundings, great atmosphere and flybys and highly engrossing gameplay. It can be fairly dark in spots, but I found the darkness to be atmospheric and not detrimental to the experience. Lots of jumping around in this level to first find two orbs and then the Stone itself after battling Seth. A wonderful experience and not to be missed." - Ryan (18-Jul-2017)
"The last one of SS3 had the most intriguing storyline to me and I was really curious how it will go. For about half an hour, it didn't go at all because I played it on one of my "stupid days", missing the burner switch staircase and the raising block passage solution, both in front of my eyes. The block after the monkey swing I liked twice, first time for fast return, second time as a fast escape from the wraith chase. Picking up the Tempest Stone was very satisfying, enough to say this was the first crucial pickup after dealing with the whole cave location - gooood, goooooooood [Palpatine's voice]... This also must be one of the games with the fairest yet most satisfying skeleton combat. Lara had one serious issue - she only wanted to push the boulder once and this is what the author should have made suffice, as for the second push I tried about 50 times from various alignments so it's a certain place of doom for newbies who will just give up. A minor trouble was the jumpswitch in the second cave, there's actually no reason to make it so easily missable for it's an exploration a riddle one. The final ascent chamber is not boxy at all, exactly what I missed in the ascents of Pacaritambo from the previous pack, however it's too symmetric and massive - those central pillars should be thinner or removed at all, because what a temple like this needs is space, otherwise it feels like an unspecified structure. The conclusion is among the strongest of all Stonez levels and the progress in general has phases of going deeper and deeper until the final resolution - you could ask why it's a "part 1" if the plot is complete. One remark I must have about graphics is launching this level I was afraid it will be a clone of GMac but now I see it's how GMac's levels would look like if they received full care about colors. SUMMARY: I think every single element could be done better but the execution is fine enough to provide never-dropping immersion. A nine, but very solid one." - DJ Full (06-Mar-2017)
"This level takes place within a succession of atmospheric caves and underground buildings. The darkness can be a bit oppressive at times, though it's mostly a general gloom rather than pitch blackness - I had no trouble seeing the environment. The rocky interiors of the caves as well as the complex architecture of the buildings are well-built, and make for some excellent platforming opportunities. I especially enjoyed the jumps in the tall hall which houses the Skribblerz Stone, and the platforming sequence around the walls of the initial cave. At first, you can spend considerable time exploring the initial cave and surrounding areas, but then the pace of gameplay picks up, with somewhat more tightly focused gameplay.
The enemies can be a bit overwhelming at times: the lowlight of the level for me was a time-run combined with a wraith attack, during which a skeleton that I had accidentally left alive also kept attacking me. The skeletons are the most common enemy in the level, though it's easy to deal with them with the shotgun (I missed the shotgun initially and had to backtrack for it), and shooting them off ledges is kind of fun. The boss fight at the end is pretty good.
Overall: Easily the best level in Skribblerz Stonez 3, with engaging gameplay in a nice (albeit somewhat dark) setting. Recommended." - Mytly (15-Apr-2016)
"Certainly the best level of Skribblerz Stonez 3 and one of the most ambitious ones too. Texturing and lighting are near perfectly executed, but sometimes the darkness becomes too oppressive and destroys the good feelings a bit - it's not a gameplay problem as you can see everything you need to progress but it's just not a real pleasure for the eyes. There are some clever jump sequences, and they feel fairly fun right at the start, but unfortunately the game mostly revolves around complicated climbing sessions only, which doesn't make it too memorable. There are quite intriguing timed runs though. There are quite many skeletons, maybe even too many, but with the shotgun you can have your fun with them... anyway, the three secrets are really excellently hidden and overall this level, although it's missing variety a bit, is largely plain fun raiding in highly atmospheric caves, so it gets my highest recommendations. Spent 40 minutes in here." - manarch2 (26-Aug-2014)
"I think this was my favorite level from the Skribblerz Stonez 3 series mainly because of the map layout, which is basically a huge cave with a lake and then there are several areas Lara has to discover. There is lots of climbing and jumping, some with timed trap doors and spikes. It was not overly hard, but not too easy either. Sometimes there was some serious looking with the binoculars required, as it was not always easy to see to which ledge to jump next. The level had a good selection of enemies, mainly wraiths, harpies and skeletons. Especially the skeletons were placed nicely up on those high ledges and Lara had lots of fun blasting them off with the shotgun. It was a treat to see a nice boss fight in the end. The atmosphere was great and matched the beautiful surroundings perfectly. I thought the texturing looked perfect and was complimented by well-done lighting, although I have to say that some areas were a little too dark for my taste. Overall this was a wonderful adventure and I can only highly recommend it highly to everyone. All the level of this series were great, but this one was just the most memorable for me. (67min, 3 secrets)" - Blue43 (08-May-2011)
"This level is a good way to end The Sxribb1erz Ztoenez, as it's easily the best level in the series. The gameplay mainly revolves around giving you large rooms and forcing you to make your way around them, and you quickly discover how much thought has gone into creating them. A lot of this is simply (well, not-so-simply) ascending things, but, at thirty-five minutes, the level is short enough that it doesn't get repetitive, and the level is also very creative in both its jumping puzzles and in its use of traps. The texturing is also really good and so is the lighting, though it's a bit on the dark side, making items and switches hard to spot at times. Enemies are used to create some tense moments, as they often attack in groups and in places where you can't get away from them. Some minor complaints include the low-resolution horizon and how Lara sometimes sounds like a chipmunk (or, when she bumps into walls, makes no sound at all), but overall, this is a great level and The Sxribb1erz Ztoenez 3 is worth a download for this level alone." - Magnus (01-Dec-2010)
"Excellent level with an excellent atmosphere and an excellent ending against a boss. It has some complicated jumps along the way (meaning the paths may be hard to find) and a few nice solutions, such as the pushable rolling ball to open a gate. Shooting loads of skeletons down their ledges is also fun. The finishing scene where a helicopter picks up Lara to the sound of the TR3 final music says it all. Liked it a lot." - Jorge22 (16-Feb-2009)
"A professional work from a good builder who gets better with the time. Excellent architecture with good puzzles, huge water caves to explore with all kind of jumps and movements, very adjusted timed runs but not impossible, well hidden secrets, he gives you all you need to deal with the enemies in time, opportune camera shots so you don't miss things to do and a very good use of textures, although the level is a bit dark. Unfortunately I couldn't finish the level 'cause a bug in a grated pushable ball; I tryed from several old savegames but it didn't work. Even so, I enjoyed a lot the parts of the game I could play. Good work." - Jose (14-Feb-2009)
"Wasp became a name in the LE community to watch out for since his great debut with The Templar Archives, which I enjoyed quite thoroughly (may revisit and review someday), so I was very eager to start up his new offering. The initial flyby of the marine cave the player dives into is intriguing as is the introduction, and this features very atmospheric level design to boot. The caverns and temples here are exquisite to look upon and are loaded with engaging gameplay in beautiful environments. The use of cameras through the level is very good, containing some spiffy flybys and good audio choices. Many objects through the level are new and give the game a fresh feel and look, along with fabulous lighting and great texturing throughout. Gameplay is also a very strong contender. Clever platforming, timed runs, exploring, pushing the rollingball of the top of a temple, and the boss fight are all exhilarating moments of this game. This level is nearly flawless, and what flaws it has are relatively quite minor. Basically, I thought that Lara's sounds were a bit high and could have used a bit of fixing to make her sound more realistic. Besides that, this is quite a gem of a level at an hour length. Not to be missed!" - Relic Hunter (13-Feb-2009)
"The most ambitious and by far the most difficult of all the ss3 levels. I missed the shotgun (which is almost impossible to see) and was being systematically hacked to death by skeletons so I had to halt the game halfway whilst I consulted the walkthrough. Due to the prevailing darkness it was often quite difficult to figure out what to do and the occasional camera shots seemed specifically designed to be either unhelpful or misleading. Visually, the most impressive of the four ss3 levels but a frustrating game at times." - Dick (03-Feb-2009)
"I think when you drop down into the cave, you'll notice that what's fascinating and special about this level is its spacious and well-structured and shaped scenery. Huge caves and temples that are well-textured and structured, with a thought out path that takes you around the whole area, the lighting and sounds carefully added to create a splendid atmosphere and an engaging level. Gameplay is mostly running around the huge areas while dodging enemies or killing them, and doing tasks and avoiding traps along the way. There are traps that spice up the challenge such as timed jumps on pillars on fire, or an original timed sequence involving shimmying along a timed platform, spikes, wraiths and others. This is a great level that is definitely worth your time, an action-packed boss fight included. Wasp, yet another great one ! " - Shady Croft (01-Feb-2009)
"Suitably placed as the fourth level on the list, this was the best of the pack for me. From the initial helicopter drop off you immediately and literally dive into an hour long adventure that carries you from one breathtaking cave to the next and each time has you navigate smartly around the huge respective areas with lots of fun jumping and climbing to be had. If you enjoy shooting skeletons of ledges with the shotgun then this is a level for you and the flyby introducing some of them on the high ledges is superbly crafted. This is also the one level where you do get a boss fight with a (killable) Seth at the end. Found the three secrets and enjoyed myself in this one very, very much! Play it!" - MichaelP (21-Jan-2009)
"A very complete and rounded level in all categories, with a fun gameplay as you make your way around and in 3 great areas, two caves and a big temple. There is no complicated puzzle but everything is professionally done, and the author has the genius to entertain with basic but smart ideas. I really loved raiding there in these gorgeous caves and big rooms, there is fun actions to perform with a few twists in them. Enemies are well used and their behaviour well mastered and all the scenery is well put in scene. Great sfx sounds , excellent atmosphere and flybys." - eRIC (10-Jan-2009)
"A lovely level, with beautiful and detailed texturing, wonderful atmosphere and high gameplay value. There are three main areas you have to explore; first you have to make your way around the perimeter of a cave so as to reach the central island, then there is one more cave with ledges to climb and jump, so as to get up to the roof of a temple, and one more interior area with a central structure you have to climb, raising blocks and platforms in order to do what's needed so as to open up the way towards the final section. The gameplay is top-notch, fast and flowing, and there are some very clever puzzles (the one with the block and the tile you have to lower so as to find a secret comes to mind). Secrets are nicely hidden and it's worth the while looking for them. Enemies are mostly skeletons - you get to meet a lot of them, but they pose no particular threat as long as you have the shotgun - and ice bats; and close to the end, there is a boss as well." - Ravenwen (09-Jan-2009)
"In my opinion the best choice for the final part of this wonderful game. Great atmosphere, interesting action and climate. Sometimes game is hard but this make it more interesting. Great job 40/40 ! Gratulacje wietny lewel naprawd kawaek znakomitej roboty, wykonanej na mistrzowskim poziomie! A mio zobaczy przy tym polsk flag :-D Czekam na wicej i serdecznie pozdrawiam !" - ersatz (09-Jan-2009)
"It seems that I indeed saved the best for last. I played the four levels in this series on successive days (okay, I did take one day off) to open 2009, and all entrants are of top-flight quality. However, I think that Tempest Keep rises above the rest of the pack by virtue of its consistently engaging gameplay, its wonderfully scenic surroundings and the 90 minutes of net gaming time it provides. The game map seems immense, and you're always exploring new areas with a minimum of backtracking. Lots of skeletons and harpies with which to deal, but the builder gives you access to the shotgun early on, together with sufficient ammo pickups along the way. That boss enemy at the end requires a lot of firepower to bring down, but I had ammunition to spare. Congratulations to George and his team for bringing us an action-packed foursome with nary a lemon in the bunch. And now I'm ready to get started with the 2009 BtB levels!" - Phil (05-Jan-2009)
"well a cave like level with alot off jumping /climbing swiming ... searching for 2 orbs and the usual flower like item but this time level dont end but alow the path down between a water like double wal and a tough boss fight wich leave the key for the door wich lead outside at helicopter ..... very nice designed level with only 1 backdraw ......... is too dark game u need a lot off flares ... (also could be more cameras to show whats happen after a lever pulling) to see where to go where to climb and jump ..... interesting level recomanded ...." - Jack& (02-Jan-2009)
"This level made a very strong impression on me due to its professional level design. The architecture, texturing and lighting are created with a lot of care and this level really looks stunning. Gameplay didn't feel boring even if it consisted mostly of basic jumping and it was also highlighted with a great final battle against a setha enemy. This is certainly a must play level and I'm looking forward seeing more top levels from Wasp in future." - Samu (01-Jan-2009)
"At times, I had to stop gameplay and just look at the stunning graphics. It's a must-play in the SS3 level set. Although end bosses are not my favorite thing, Wasp makes this demon/boss fight entertaining with enough supplies scattered about to ensure that, with patience, all will be well. There's a timed jump run over columns with just enough 'wiggle room' that it's possible to get to the ledge even if the fires have turned back on. I don't know if this was intended by the builder or not but was much appreciated, either way. Over too soon but memorable, every step of the way. Well done, Wasp." - Bene (31-Dec-2008)
"I would have enjoyed it more if I could have seen better. End of review. Perhaps some details might be appreciated. I raved enthusiastically about "The Templar Archives," and rated it very highly, because it was so much fun to play, and the ending levels were so well constructed. So this new release was like a Christmas present: one waits and waits for it to arrive, and then eagerly rushes to open it. And the level looks great; undoubtedly it has the best design work of the four Skribblerz Stonez. Just look at the opening with the lagoon, and the shadowed water, and the assorted pastels that play across everything. The author is really talented. If only the player could see what to do. The binoculars flatten everything and really aren't that helpful here. A player makes progress in a step-by-step fashion: there is a ledge right in front, so jump there, then another ledge, and now back flip from ladders, oh, and there is indeed a crack in the wall. So eventually Lara opens the underwater doors and moves to the next major area, where the lighting is even worse. When Lara had to do a simple jump to a ledge I couldn't even see the ledge without the aid of binoculars. When Lara had to pull up to a flat surface, after a shimmy along a slope, I couldn't see that she could stand on one spot. So Lara fell, I had to reload and spend about a minute studying with binoculars before deciding that maybe there really was an area that Lara could pull up on. Without the ability to see it is impossible to anticipate or plan, so this isn't any fun. And then the entire end, where Lara searches for the two orbs, again reduces the player to doing everything in a step-by-step fashion, which is the equivalent of groping along blindly with arms out in front. The darkness isn't my equipment; I have a good monitor. In fairness I have to note that many players, maybe the majority, love these sorts of dark levels, and will give the author rave reviews. He deserves them. I recognize that this is superb design work, and the enemy at the end rates a 10 for scariness. Many may think that this is the best level they've played in ages." - dmdibl (30-Dec-2008)
"Wow, it's not very often Lara gets the chance to do a dive as spectacular as the one at the beginning of this level. Taking of spectacular, that just about describes the area she dives into as well. Simply gorgeous. Not long after that comes an opportunity to blast several skellies off ledges. Now that's entertainment. That was the point at which I settled down for an especially good raid and I wasn't disappointed. This is lovely, well rounded gameplay and there really should be something for everyone here, including a boss ending that took me by surprise as I was expecting the game to end when I picked up my Skribblerz Stone. Yes, I had completely forgotten what it said on the scroll way back at the beginning of the level. Memory? What memory? Great fun, don't miss it, and long may the Skribblerz bring us these super levels." - Jay (30-Dec-2008)
"Late in the year George and friends have surprised us with the third part of the Skribblerz series . Again it is released as a team project of four mostly talented authors and accordingly should be rated as one complete game. This was Wasp`s Part and all I can say is : The Magician from Poland strikes again !!! A beautifully designed adventure in every way . I nearly dropped dead when I finally found the solution to the switch down - block up puzzle with the block still hidden ! So close and yet so far away ! The fight with the final boss was very funny and rather easy for Wasp has provided enough ammo for the event , in my case I did not even need it for after a while the Boss got stuck somewhere (a well known editors fault) and kept banging his head against some wall as if to say : Oh No this woman really gets me !!!This series is a must-download and highly recommended ! Many Thanks to George , Katherine, Jonson and Wasp for all your work and a happy and successful new year !" - Ruben (29-Dec-2008)
"The final level of the Skribblerz Stonez pack that I played, and most definitely the best. The opening flyby of the huge cave I was about to enter was a fantastic start to the adventure, with a classic TR audio piece playing in the background as we are taken on this grand tour. It was already visible from this early point that the atmosphere was second to none, and its ability to keep it up throughout the entire level was impressive. The rest of the visuals were also expertly done, with only a few texturing niggles here and there detracting from the overall look. Not only was the visual appeal of the level excellent, but the gameplay was varied, and also quite progressive considering the large size of many areas within the level. The only complaint I do have about the gameplay, however, is that the enemies did seem to take priority at some points, and having to stop before every jump to take care of a skeleton near the end of the level wasn't my cup of tea. Everything else in the level though is particularly hard to fault, and hearing those good old Lara sounds from the earliest TR games was a treat (despite a few of them sounding a little too high pitched). After a brief encounter with a final boss enemy (which was far from frustrating due to the plentiful stocks of ammo dotted around the level) we leave the caves and emerge outside to be picked up by our trusty helicopter. A brilliant adventure, and possibly the last of this year's "must plays"." - Spike (28-Dec-2008)