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Lara Croft: I am Legend by Clara masha

Adriel 10 10 10 10
afzalmiah 9 10 10 10
Andzia9 10 10 10 10
Bene 10 10 10 10
Bogey 9 10 10 10
Czar 8 9 10 8
DJ Full 8 10 10 10
dmdibl 9 9 10 10
drguycrain 10 10 9 9
eTux 9 8 10 8
Gerty 9 10 10 10
Hedteur 9 10 10 10
herothing 10 10 8 10
High Priestess 10 10 10 10
IainMc 9 9 10 10
Jack& 8 9 10 10
janachorider 8 9 9 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jez 9 10 10 9
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 9
Jose 9 10 10 10
Juno Jim 10 10 10 10
Just Croft 10 10 10 10
Kara 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 10 10 9
Mezcal 10 9 10 10
MichaelP 9 10 10 10
MigMarado 6 8 8 10
mugs 10 10 10 10
Nephilim 7 9 10 10
Nomad 10 10 10 10
OverRaider 9 10 10 10
Phil 9 10 10 9
Roli 9 9 10 10
rtrger 10 10 10 10
Ruben 10 9 10 9
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Scottie 10 10 10 10
Shandroid 10 10 10 10
Spike 6 8 10 8
StormChaser 10 10 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
TrueRaider 9 10 10 10
young Lara Croft 9 9 10 10
release date: 01-Jul-2009
# of downloads: 371

average rating: 9.61
review count: 45
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file size: 168.22 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is an amazing level and if you’ve seen the film you can play “spot the scene”. Quite simply epic it it’s presentation, with well built architecture, incredible atmosphere, texturing and objects. Bit confusing (for me) at times but not too difficult with a proper, flowing story line." - StormChaser (22-Aug-2020)
"Clara and Masha are a great team, A wonderful masterpiece here, Well designed puzzles, Enemies and Secrets. Great Job 40/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (17-Apr-2020)
"This level was..confusing for me, yet a lot of fun full with wow moments. I watched the movie back in the day when it came out and all I remember was Will Smith roaming around the empty Manhattan streets and the last scene, so I really had no idea what to do. Even without the hints and a priori knowledge I had a lot of fun figuring out my objectives. I started to really grasp what the tasks were after the game shows the formula of the serum. Yet there are some things I don't understand, I still don't know how Lara knew a zombie girl would come out at that spot, and what the difference between the real monsters and the girl was. Were the monsters an advanced stage? I am sure the explanation is in the movie, perhaps even in the game and I missed. Anyway, the gameplay and the tasks combined with the impressive atmosphere and design of the city of course, are the real characteristics that make this game unique. Not just the existence of a scenario, but tasks like making the virus, trapping the infected girl, blowing up entrances with dynamite, closing all curtains in a timed run, all were very original. Impressive to make this work within the borders of the editor and game logic. Two thumbs up, I recommend everyone to play this game!" - Nomad (21-Feb-2020)
"This is a good reenactment of the game. However, it could have been great. For me, it became frustrating quite quickly. There were large areas with little to no purpose, confusing gameplay, and unnecessary moments where if you weren't on the exact millimetre you could not trigger an object. This game took me so much time when there isn't much to it at all. When I went to the walkthrough, I had got everything right, but the game would not take my object because I was half a step to the right. This happened three (!!!) times... I watched the movie for the first before I played to enjoy it more. Honestly, I found it a hindrance... The moments that looked like the ones in the movie generated confusion for me, since they played out very differently. Still, this is highly enjoyable and a very good initiative. The storyline (despite its differences from the movie) plays out wonderfully, so this is quite a ride. It could have used more menacing/horror-movie baddies and polished gameplay/triggers. Then, it would be amazing." - MigMarado (26-Oct-2019)
"I remember playing this level way back when but for some reason failed to submit a review for it. So I was faced with a quandary. Do I play the level again simply to review it? Hell yes. What a wonderful, wonderful level set this is and the authors creativity and imagination are simply majestic. From Sam continually sniffing Lara's butt to the hordes of mutant blood sucking zombies this is in my opinion one of the very best levels ever created. The night scenes scream terror and harm lurks around very corner. How the authors managed to successfully tie in the movie story line to the Tomb Raider environment and then actually managed to get the game play to realistically merge with that story line is true genius. Atmosphere, graphics, all just superb. The best two hours you will spend in front of the PC." - Torry (09-Oct-2018)
"As a lover of urban/city levels I found this stunning. I had not seen the film when I first played but this level amazed me with the loyal (although pesky at times), dog, the environment and the versatile challenges. The ambience was simply AMAZING! Tackling the Aliens was a very tricky and timed affair but achievable. I rarely award 10 points all round but this was very well deserving. Note: There is a YouTube Walkthrough for this level." - High Priestess (13-Oct-2017)
"Wow. What an epic adventure Clara and Masha have produced and is different to regular tomb raiding. New objects unique to the story. You may get some of the allusions to the film if you have seen it. Nice puzzles and atmosphere. Kudos!" - Ryan (08-Jan-2016)
"I haven't seen the movie this level is based so i couldn't feel the experience.but i enjoyed it.although too much going back and forth dissapointed me but still a very very good level." - janachorider (09-Mar-2015)
"I had played about a quarter of this game before I actually watched the movie. The gameplay and puzzles are actually pretty standard, finding keys, switches and stuffs, pushing blocks that get in our way, doing certain things against the time. The nicest elements of this game are the objects, atmosphere, textures, and the cutscene in the main screen which I think everyone will agree to this. From the very first start I was fascinated by the moving screen and the amazing monologue of Lara voiced by one of the best Lara Croft voice actress in the TRLE community. Then when I watched the movie and the exact similar scene came up, it fascinated me even more, I actually watched the whole scene before I started playing everytime I came back to it. The abandoned American city and the memorable places from the movie are well-presented, like that destroyed bridge or whatever it is, the store full of mannequins, the dark building where the infected live, even Neville's house and laboratory was really similar to that of the movie's. Talk about the dark building, I like how the deers run away from it, and that scene where Neville and Sam was hiding and chased by a bunch the infected, it's actually there. The textures and objects such as the house textures and interiors, iconic buildings, cars are just great. As for the enemies, I prefer those in the first level than the ones wearing shorts and using sticks to attack Lara. But that is not really a problem. So the conclusion is, this game is just great, the cutscenes and everything is well adopted from the movie, and the voice over is amazing." - Nephilim (21-Jan-2015)
"Now I want to see the movie ! This map was amazing, a really cool storyline with different environments ! First, I was kind of lost in the city, but I managed to think a bit better and I finally progressed well. Some moments were intense and sometimes stresfull, especially at the very first level at night. Lara's got her own dog (that I used to constantly shooting at the beggining because I though it was an ennemy LOL) and cinematics moment were really nice to watch and see. Of course, there are some puzzles that the developpers incorporated really nice and that totally fits with the environment. Thanks a lot for this map, I really enjoyed it, the end was so beautiful and I loved it. Finished in 4 hours and 13 minutes/Got all the secrets." - Hedteur (09-Jan-2015)
"Lara Croft: I Am Legend belongs to one of those TR games which I played some time ago and replayed, why? Because it belongs in my top collection! When I played this game for the first time I didn`t see the movie at that time, I didn`t even know such movie exists but now I watched the movie and right after that I replayed this amazing atmospheric custom TR. Woow how authors (Clara and Masha) created the atmosphere according the movie is breathtaking and not only visuals are atmospheric but also audios are creating fantastic part of the atmosphere, perfect choise of the sound in background creates the spooky atmosphere and some nice soundtracks accompanying throughout (mostly chosen from movie which by the way are very fitting in situations in this game). And not only atmosphere is what builders catched fantastically but also the storyline! I can say it`s one of the best if not the best movie to TR game creations I`ve played so far. In gameplay terms there are some nice exploration of the very atmospheric areas which are excellently textured and lit and that the exploration was a pleasure also some impressive puzzle items hunting (to create antidote) and some puzzles to solve. Well there are not many puzzles in this game but the few ones were really nice and took some time to solve but as a whole impression about the terms of gameplay was somehow satisfying to me. I mean all that searching for puzzle items to create antidote, tasks, exploration, action were really excellently thought out and that I enjoyed this game very much. I recommend you to play this game even if you havn`t seen the movie but better if you watch the movie first so that you`ll see how Masha and Clara fantastically catched the atmosphere and storyline from movie. Definitely not to be missed! 9/10/10/10" - OverRaider (09-Jun-2014)
"What can i say, this was fantastic. I played it once before and was too scared to continue because it is so so similar to the movie. I got up the courage this time and finished it and it is completely worth it. The effort that has clearly gone into this is outstanding and makes for some seriously awesome game play and there is never a dull moment. The mutants were very scary and hard to kill but this was a good challenge in my opinion. Lots of dark alleys and corners with goodness knows what lurking behind! I thoroughly recommend this level it was just brilliant." - Kara (08-Jun-2014)
"I delayed reviewing this game for some time, because it's pretty impossible to score it properly. On the one hand, this is a most excellent movie remake, I took the time and watched it before playing, and the allusions are plentiful and charming, there is a very creative object and camera work and a successful atmosphere. But on the other hand, the gameplay often leaves something to be desired, being often - more or less - an upgraded object hunt, and the great puzzles we got to expect from those talented builders later on are rather few and far in between. Make no mistake, the "remake" character of the level is near-perfectly executed (this is a cinematic masterpiece in fact) and the interaction with various objects is really unique, especially getting all the things you need for the laboratory - I won't go into further detail here, you'll have to experience it yourself, and there are particularly great tasks - like the whole subway session or the timed run towards the end, but in the whole the gameplay is a bit neglected towards all those special effects. Still, this is moaning on a high level, because the fun factor in this game is still very high because you're always treated to something new and even if getting oriented will take some time, it all nicely works together in the end. Intense, gripping, action-packed - just not quite rewarding in the classical sense. The visuals are of a high standard, the variety of used textures alone makes up for enough eye-candy, the lighting is sometimes a bit flat though and probably the end of the map could've been hidden a tad better. Overall this is a fantastic level and definately one not to miss out on, despite that it could have been even more intense at times. Found all six secrets in 1:25 hours it took me to get to the most rewarding finale." - manarch2 (07-Jun-2014)
"The game is really atmospheric. I always like alternative night concept of a previously sunlit location so I need to figure out what changed as time passes. Some might say this is effortless copy/paste building, but as long as significant changes are made and I like it, I don't care. The graphics are detailed enough to produce a convincing deserted city landscape, but even more realism is added with subtle details like animated floating box, openable fridge or water pouring out of the cabinet. More than that, many cutscenes additionally guide Lara through the plot which never loses sense, the closing flyby being surely among the most beautiful Clara has ever made. But I think I definitely should have started betatesting for CM/CMS earlier, because a knife opens in my pocket when I see how many things were NOT handled properly here. Starting from the dog: friendly or not, it's disturbing as hell. Next, the laboratory cages might not open. In such case You can use another bug to slide into the closed gate without solving the puzzle and obtain the syringe anyway. Dynamite riddle is against Lara's primary goal which is to save people instead of blowing them up. Another remark here is somehow the gate blows up open but the minefield 3 squares away stays intact. I have to add all of this happens in vast open space so You never know if You're missing something from another location or if You need to stay around to search for solution - sometimes I was so confused and frustrated that I really wanted to cease playing (but I'm tough so I didn't hehe). Finally, some item the walkthru says nothing about was visible through a seam of the floating box in the sewers, but I was unable to get it (I don't count it as a bug though). Ah, I named a lot of them... Still, this nice adventure filled all the time with isolation and floating melancholy fulfilled me in the end, and I'm glad I eventually took it on. SUMMARY: BwAargppfffhhhlghssswddbbb.... Everything perfect except buggy and confusing gameplay... and now I need to watch the movie :P:P:P" - DJ Full (23-Jan-2014)
"Sorry for being so late! I wish I played this sooner but hey, better late than never, right?! Loved the atmosphere, lighting, textures and last but not least the gameplay. I'm still in awe by the quality of level building and puzzles, everything is synced perfectly. From beginning(the narration in the menu till the cutscene at the end was planed with great care and attention to detail, outstanding job! I did have some problems figuring out where to go considering the level is vast but found my way eventually. High recommendation!" - young Lara Croft (01-Oct-2013)
"I am legend is a remake of the movie I am legend which I was a big fan of. I think it was a really good idea to make a tomb raider game out of a brilliant movie and this game was very amazing! The deserted city has a lot of objects which slowed down my laptop but I ingnored it and stared the amazing detail these two very talented builders made on this game. Loved it! The gameplay was very fun and the mutants scared the life out of me! The levels were all entertaining but pretty scary for me because of the mutants and the music. In the end of the movie will smith unluckily dies but in this game luckily lara survives. Very fun game and recommended." - afzalmiah (19-Apr-2011)
"When I played this game I felt like I was really in the atmosphere of the movie. It makes me remember a lot the original I am legend... I mean it's a very well adaptation for level editor. This game has very good voice covers and cutscenes. It looks really a survivor game. The puzzles and the exploration are extremely good, textures are good placed and challenges are very entertaining. This is one of the better level editor games I have ever played." - Adriel (24-Dec-2010)
"I don't have the movie in fresh memory, but the level appears to be remarkably close to it, both regarding story and setting. The detailed city landscape is absolutely stunning and the atmosphere is overwhelming. However, the large size of the level means that one might need to roam around for quite a while before knowing what to do. The size of the outdoor areas also made the level a heavy burden for my computer. There are many imaginative puzzles and their solution is often far from obvious. I didn't find any difficult jumps and there are few traps. However, there are lots of enemies in the form of mutants. In most cases, these are not very dangerous, but there are some exceptions. Many secrets were quite hard to spot. By the way, I was somewhat surprised by the metro trains apparently running without electric power, but maybe I missed something." - Bogey (31-Mar-2010)
"I liked the level "I know what you did...", so I decided to try this one too. Very nice work, it was awesome. Very nicely built levels, a lovely city, which turns into a nightmare when the sun goes down, and tons of zombies awakening. The creepy atmosphere was simply awesome. The "yellow-block" puzzle was very intresting, and the secrets: Some of them were easy to collect, but they were some secrets, where you had to use your eye a bit, or the best one, where you had to lit a trapdoor to get the secret. Very cleaver one! In my humble opinion, the laboratory parts were the best. Liked the antidote mixing part, but the final part was also fantastic. The music was so sad, but that's why it was sooo wonderful. But fortunately, the end is a happy end. :-) But I wonder what happened with the girl.(or I just didn't see her in the ending cutscene) I love these movie-based games. Want more of them. :-)" - rtrger (03-Dec-2009)
"That was fantastic! Nice streets and great atmosphere. We have a new friend, a dog named Sam. The city is surrounding by mutants and we must find the way to stop them. But what Christmas decorations are doing here? Is a Christmas time? The game wasn't difficult. Only to looking for keys, ammos and some important things. Just remember where all places are. Great work ladies." - Andzia9 (29-Nov-2009)
"This was the first TR custom level I ever played and I really enjoyed it. The level designers really put their all into creating an interesting story with a really dark feel to it, presumeably just like the film. Some reviews seem to say that you might need to have seen the film first to "get it". I disagree: this game is a standalone concept and made sense to me despite not having seen the film. There were several interesting puzzles which made me scratch my head and the textures were exquisite. Perfect! Thanks girls!" - IainMc (13-Nov-2009)
"My home computer chose to die on me as I was about to complete this adventure, so I wasn't able to experience the grand finale until about two weeks later. During that time the earlier details had begun to fade from my memory, but I recall enough to be able to state that this is one marvelous gaming experience. I hadn't seen the movie, but being a science fiction fan and a Richard Matheson fan I was quite familiar with the general story line. The gameplay here is appropriately fast-moving and spooky, although some of the tasks were sufficiently obscure that I was glad to have two excellent walkthroughs at hand. All told I spent about two and a half hours here, and this is a level series that I can heartily recommend." - Phil (14-Sep-2009)
"Hats off for these two, they are a winning team. They did well with their Xmas level and they did even better with this one. I found the movie already spooky well... this game is spooky too. If you have seen the movie you can see that all sorts of detail went into this level as well. I've seen small parts of the level at the meeting but that was not enough to play it without getting stuck. The getting stuck had more to do with what I had and needed to do than not finding things. The hardest part still was filling the ice tray as Lara had to stand in the right position and that took a bit. This is probably the only level I will thank the builders for including a vehicle (the bike), as I am not very fond of them. But in here I used it to my advantage in riding over all the zombies I encountered. That saved me enormous firepower, as I needed that once I was back in the house, trying to get the cure. Came up short in the secret department but I will play this one again, that is for sure. I had a tremendous time. I loved it that Sam (the dog) is still around when the game ended. He deserved it." - Gerty (11-Sep-2009)
"Lara must make her way through a city ravaged by disease, sparring with hoards of virus-ridden mutants and aided by her faithful dog, Sam. This level is very plot-deep, which i appreciate. There really is an ongoing story and a trail of clues. The game play was really tricky to figure out in places, and were it not for the forums, i likely would've been hopelessly stuck more than once. My biggest complaint was that the level was too much for my computer (though my comp's only a year old?). There were lots of places where the frame rate was "kickety" (as my son put it). The only other complaint i would make is that the cityscape was already constructed, so why not use more of the building-interiors for game play? All in all, very much worth the play. i'll likely play it again." - drguycrain (12-Aug-2009)
"Not much of a review this. Just wanted to say that this level was incredibly atmospheric from beginning to end. I watched the film after playing and although watching it first would have helped, my enjoyment was not spoilt. Many aspects of the film are captured here. Well done to the authors. Brilliant." - Jez (02-Aug-2009)
"Well, this is a little different. Having clearly done a terrible job of her usual "save the world" antics, Lara appears to be the "last human survivor in Manhattan and maybe the world". In actual fact they're all hiding in the video store just around the corner, but the adventure as a whole still manages to be of an overall high quality. Almost. The beginning of the adventure pretty much balanced on the proverbial line between "confusing" and "depressing", before somehow managing to fall on both sides at once. The time I spent jogging around in circles having no idea where to begin or what to do was far too long (due to the piece of paper containing a code being almost unnoticeable), though once I'd managed to grab a hold of this and take a ride on the World's Slowest Elevator, things started to progress a bit. The storyline and the inventive use of items remained solid throughout, though the gameplay itself really just boiled down a glorified (and occasionally obscure) item hunting quest the majority of the time - hence the somewhat lower score. On the other hand, the "feel" of the level - so to speak - was far superior, with generally good visuals and a particularly strong atmosphere. The nicely chosen music also accentuated this (despite it not being your usual TR fare), providing audio cues that fitted the mood of the moment rather well. The objects throughout were placed and used well (especially within the laboratory), though there was some serious object pop-in in parts, and I would have had a much more positive outlook on the dog were it not so attracted to Lara's backside. Enemies were also a bit on the heavy side at times, almost to a point that puts even a Cain level to shame (though thankfully, they all go down or are evaded rather easily). Overall, I Am Legend is a decent adventure, albeit a rather slow and at-times confusing one, with more of a reliance on thought than some other custom levels." - Spike (21-Jul-2009)
"Being familiar with the preceding 1971 version of this book, The Omega Man at least gives me some knowledge of the story that this level set is based upon. At opening then, the emotive title sequence immediately sets the scene of seeming absolute solitude in a world bereft of normal human company. This, coupled with the very well acted voice over by Jenni Milward really made my hackles rise. Great stuff and all this from such a simple title for a custom game. So, on into the game itself then and I quickly become familiar with the dog mentioned in the readme. That is, quickly become familiar with how damn annoying the thing is. Nice idea and all that, but annoying nonetheless. Even walking on the pavement doesn't help much because the dog does mount the pavement too. So I spent a good time running around trying to find a way to lose the creature. Running around trying to lose the dog wasn't the only reason though, for running around trying to figure out what to do is, I found, a rather large part of this set. In fact I found much of it quite bewildering and it went a long way to making me feel really stupid. Perhaps I am too used to zooming through levels at speed, with most being at least reasonably obvious for what to do. This one, despite its relative small size really had me flummoxed most of the time. That said, the environments are great, with very nice texturing all around and a really nice street plan. The waterways look good too. The section in a kind of dark cellar was great and very atmospheric, finding it quite creepy as I did. I was a bit confused with what were clearly aliens, however, when I know the story generally and it doesn't involve aliens at all. Still, I can appreciate what the builders were trying to achieve here so this small aspect is forgiveable, especially when they did startle me. Finding the deer head in the passage was quite amusing because I could only laugh and think that rather than this being I Am Legend, it was instead Who killed Bambi. Elsewhere in the city, the rising platform is painfully slow and just a bit more of an annoyance for me as I was already itching to get on with things as it was. Ultimately gaining entry to the underground was a simple enough affair, but very enjoyable nonetheless. I should have liked to have made more use of the car in this level, especially one as nice as is featured. It is perhaps obvious to mention the instant link with TR 3 Aldwych, being in a subway here, but it was really nice to have that kind of familiarity whilst being particular in style to this set, especially for the small water area to be found. In that part opening the cupboard in a previously water filled room was another nice little touch that made me chuckle. Once in the house, and despite the very well textured environment, I found it even more bewildering for what to do than on the streets. One particular case in point is the bowl found in the kitchen. So I'm thinking to myself, either I have to feed the dog or I have to fill the bowl with water and give it to the dog. I don't know, maybe it's me. Being a dog owner and seeing the empty bowl on the floor and having the dog running around me immediately makes me think I need to feed the dog. So I run around looking for food for it. No, no food. Then I think about a drink, so I run around to all the sinks, because, after all, anybody in their right mind fills a bowl with water at the sink, right? Wrong. Not in this level. Getting into the lab was even more confusing for what to do. I was able to figure the rats instantly, but the rest wasn't so clear to me, and that bowl of water had nothing to do with the dog either. Later in the house there is a good laugh with the dog and the treadmill before moving off to complete the last part of the game which didn't make any sense to me other than setting a trap for a zombie girl to drag back to the house and end up with a lab full of aliens, fire off a grenade, make an escape before the explosion and end the level. It all seemed a bit flat and sudden for the confusion I experienced throughout the level. I don't know, maybe I just had a dumb day, or that my head just wasn't in the right place. Maybe if I'd watched the latter film first it would have made more sense. In any event I have mixed feelings about this set over all. Everything is very well constructed, with plenty of wonderful object and special customisations. All nice to see. There is lots of fun game play to be had, but perhaps all a bit too obscure to truly enjoy. At the end I was neither pleased not disappointed." - Czar (19-Jul-2009)
"Clara seems to have carved a niche for her levels and herself in the building community that I can best describe as a style of replication - be it remaking actual places into playable levels or as in this case, mimicking the plot of a movie - and she does it very well! I have to admit I was a bit cynical when hearing about it first: Lara - all alone in a city? Wow, sounds just about like any other urban level in the entire TR universe so far! and while I do think the level has been a bit overrated and praise handed out a bit too generously so far, I still found Clara & Masha's offering here to be of great quality and all round enjoyable! The looks were technically well done - tailored around key areas in the movie they set you out on a quest to explore the vast city area. While sometimes it was a bit jerky on my old laptop, the setting seems faithful to what you'd expect having seen the movie (definitely the best way to play this - as you will gain so much context from the scenes mimicked here that might be lost otherwise). I can't say the looks convinced me completely - while it would seem like a weird thing to complain about in a city level - I found the setting a bit blocky. Not that I was expecting the architecture to defy Euclidean laws of geometry, but more in the sense that even in a city level there has to be a more interesting way to set it up than the generic net of streets and houses, no? Maybe I'm delving too deep into this, but even if I can't put my finger on it, there was something lacking from the whole package to sell it to me completely looks-wise. Nevertheless, the atmosphere manages to convince of whatever scenario the authoresses throw at you - be it a desolate city at sunset or a creepy nighttime den of the monsters, well enhanced by the additional sounds. The tasks deliver nicely too. While I was a bit afraid that it might end up being a level where you run around endlessly constantly worrying to leave something behind, it all falls in place nicely in the end (i.e. - some things that had no purpose in daytime, have a role at night and so on) and the running around is reduced by the additional vehicles and evened out by some of the creative puzzles offered here. Maybe it had one pushable block puzzle too many for my liking - and I didn't understand why exactly some puzzles worked the way they did (why was a solely tile inside the mine ridden explosives factory (of all places) the spot to go after you ignited the dynamite, if you wanted to survive?) but the search for the vaccine had a lot of moments that made me smile along the way and were the definite gameplay highlight or me. All in all - an excellent set of levels - and a must play if you even remotely enjoyed the film this is based on. Found 5 of the 6 secrets." - eTux (18-Jul-2009)
"Another treat from these authors, showcasing their superb technique and design. Study the title traveling aerial shot looking down on the city (a secret may be visible if one looks closely, though it seems not to be in the title sequence), and see the sporty car maneuvering down streets. From such an opening one expects that when Lara explores the city all details will be impeccable, and they are. But I put off reviewing this for a week, mainly because I am not a fan of Richard Matheson. When his books first came out ["The Shrinking Man," movie: "The Incredible Shrinking Man"; and "I Am Legend," movie: "The Omega Man," and "I Am Legend"], damon knight wrote commonsense reviews that skewered them as anti-science and anti-intellect. So we are supposed to rent the DVD, and notice all the rich parallels to the film, but somehow I neglected to do so. Still, one can enjoy these as TR exploration and puzzle levels, with Lara racing to concoct a vaccine against a mutation infecting all humanity. I liked Sam the dog, who can be really obnoxious (like a real dog), being pushy at the wrong moments, hogging the bathtub when Lara might want to use it, trotting on the treadmill, and sticking his head out the car window as Lara drives. In places my computer had a perceptible lag because of the huge city areas, but reducing the screen resolution returned play to normal. Everything worked for me for the first 90% of these levels, but then there seemed inevitable hours of having to search through the whole city again at night for revolver and keys. No matter how many times, or in how many places, Lara shot the hanging jeep supports nothing ever happened. Then on my sixth or seventh reload a cut scene kicked in showing the female mutant being captured. There are some nice effects here: after Lara drains a room, she opens up a cabinet and water gushes out of it, spilling all over her. The complex sequence for creating the serum was cleverly done, making distilled water and getting ice cube trays from the refrigerator, though getting the water from the shower was a little cryptic. I felt the levels were not perfect, but this is because of the complexity of the effects the authors are striving for. Reportedly, their ending is much better than the movie ending (Richard Matheson always uses the most downbeat ending possible). Very enjoyable must play levels." - dmdibl (18-Jul-2009)
"While this level can stand alone as a great raiding adventure, you'll miss ninety percent of the enjoyment and appreciation of this masterful work if you don't see the movie first. This gets power rankings for the creative ways in which the authors have faithfully crafted a host of wonderful elements from the movie, adapting the story line, and ambience into their own wholly original, and inventive work of art. While there are some minor flaws, most already noted by previous reviewers, what most disappointed me was the design of the vampires. Instead of the mutant victims of the plague, slavering, raving monsters, horrifically translucent, lithe and super-human speed freaks, we encounter, what appeared to me to be, a pack of over-weight, block-headed, bumbling bubble-gum boys suffering from ADD. Ahh, well, you gotta admit that running over them with the motorcycle gave you a little too much twisted pleasure. That was great! What raises this work beyond the ordinary is just about everything the builders have done. It has the power to affect your emotions on a vast scale, and since the premise is horror, or shall we say, action-packed horror, they succeed in scaring your out of your wits. They built this with genius attention to timing. There's a hard edge of suspense permeating everything...the textures, the insanely ingenious puzzles, perfectly adapted sound tracks, sense of urgent doom, and thought provoking tasks. Thus, the whole package delivers such a unique and immersive adventure that, ultimately, like only a handful of levels, I'll remember it with great fondness, and gratitude for being able to experience some of the best work. Eschew a walkthrough! Do it on your own, stay lost, go out into the dark night alone, surrounded by the screeching'll be tooling along in the sunshine with your arm hanging over the side of a jeep.... everything's going to be alright....ahhh, Sam, ain't this grand!" - Mezcal (18-Jul-2009)
"Another highlight in this TRLE season comes from Clara and Masha , a game of stunning athmoshere and also a visual feast ! Starting up from the fantastic intro listening to the beautiful voices of either Jenni(English) or Gandalf(German) I knew I was in for a top class raid one more time ! At the beginning I was a little bit annoyed by Sam pushing Lara all over the place but animals sometimes know better what to do , telling us to hurry up and not to waste our precious time wandering ! What a wonderful idea to have Sam`s muscles trained in the gym ! Bound for glory , this marvellous game will soon shoot into the Hall of Fame ." - Ruben (18-Jul-2009)
"Excellent game !!! The AI was very good, the rest almost perfect. Different walking sounds for different surfaces, just one example of extreme attention to detail. Good, interesting story - different twist - aliens attack Manhatten. They already have !!! I loved Lara & the dog at the end, riding away together... Anyway, congrats to Clara & masha - a very professional looking game. I'm very impressed with what you've done with the tools avaliable. Beautiful and convincingly real scenery, everything was really great - do another one !!!" - Juno Jim (16-Jul-2009)
"Awesome, excellent. True, I'm always impressed by these kinds of levels and I only wish there were more of them but still this is quite creative albeit a bit puzzling at times. I can't say what I enjoyed more, I guess I enjoyed every single thing, namely the fact that it is so filled with fun puzzles and still packed with lots of action thrown in by all the mutants that roam around the area. The sounds and music are also fine. I'm not going to comment anymore, you'll just have to play it so you can understand how different and thrilling this whole creation, far enough from all the usual tomb raiding things that may make you yawn, is. Great, great, great. Some things may not work at first, namely shooting at the jeep once you have the revolver and the laser sight or setting a trapdoor on fire (for some reason it didn't work). Or you may leave your bike in a place where you won't be able to approach it anymore, as happened to me. But those are minor glitches in a game that's this complex. Do play it and you'll be in for something truly different." - Jorge22 (14-Jul-2009)
"The concept is pure genius, and well done Clara & Masha for deciding to transform the film of the same name into a Tomb Raider game. It works so well, and what I particularly enjoyed was the fact that it had a story and you knew what you had to do to finish the game by creating the vaccine. I'm perhaps in the minority when I say I'm not the biggest fan of tombs and temples so city/urban levels are where it's at for me. The city itself here is quite large, but manageable. You always remember how to get back somewhere you've already been for one reason or another and I liked that, I never felt completely lost. Adding the music from the film really made it for me, it created a cinematic element that heightened the atmosphere and tension. Many of the puzzles were a great pleasure to play through, such as lowering the blinds in a certain amount of time, the rat cages and the subway. In just over two hours playing time, it is the perfect length. One the of gems of the TR custom level world." - TrueRaider (10-Jul-2009)
"I was excited to play this when I first heard about its forthcoming release, as I enjoyed the movie very much. The title screen was very good with the lovely music and Jenni's uncanny Lara voice repeating the words Will Smith said in the movie. The only thing I didn't like about this title was that, on my computer, it created a bit of a lag whenever Lara died and a reload was necessary. If the level was immense, this would have driven me crazy, but since the level wasn't terribly long, it wasn't too awful bad. The game itself was really quite brilliant, as it was primarily puzzle driven except for a very fun mutant vs. motorcycle smackdown, which is always hilarious, because the motorcycle barely has to bump the mutants to kill them. I, at first didn't realize that I needed to find that bike first, and proceeded to try to kill all the mutants with guns...not recommended, as they are prolific! The level was so very good, that I wouldn't change much, but perhaps a few more voiceovers to add more emotion to the story. I do have to add that the end of this game is so much more uplifting than the movie, which just made it that much more perfect for me. Congrats, Masha and Clara on yet another wonderful level!!" - Shandroid (07-Jul-2009)
"Extraordinary. In her style of building, looking for the most small detail, perfect architecture and textured, a lot of new objects and a logic gameplay. I didn't like very much the gameplay 'cause I've very disoriented in the city runing and running around a lot of time looking for the items I needed, but the members of the Community are always there to help you. Unfortunately I couldn't find the film in my city, but there's a good history which involves yourself in the game, with clever puzzles, fantastic animations and a great ending. At the end I didn't like to use the grenadegun 'cause I supposed I was killing the girl I tried to cure... Congratulations!" - Jose (06-Jul-2009)
"What a triumph ! It just doesn't get any better than this. Thank you both so much for a game that stays as true to a storyline as is possible. I loved it." - Mugs (05-Jul-2009)
"I haven't seen the film and it's so very long since I read the book that I am unable to comment on that side of things. What I can definitely say however is what an incredible level Clara and Masha have made. The scenery is breathtaking and very, very believable. The atmosphere is amazing, with the final nighttime segment being particularly electrifying. It's a fantastic concept for a level and it certainly has been brilliantly executed. The unfamiliar, custom objects make the gameplay especially interesting and the quick dash around the house at dusk, to close the blinds before the mutants notice the lights is a nice (and exhilarating) touch. There's a great sense of realism about the entire thing actually. I mean, draining a room, then opening a cupboard and having a load of water pour out of it. How wonderful is that? The ending left me with a lump in my throat, which is something I've only experienced once before with a level (Psiko's TR-A). Simply superb." - Jay (04-Jul-2009)
"i just finished this game ..well generaly the top TR custome level is at 2 type .... 1- like Vikings with alot off trapps timed runs wich pull the player skill on the edge and 2 - great story driven adventure at the focuss is on puzzles solving & exploring wich is that case .......... i find this game very well crafted with beautifull graphics & visuals and very clever puzzles - players wich like the hard games with alot off trapps &timed runs & extreme hard jumps may be dissapointed with this one ........ this game iff for other type off players wich like relaxed playgame and like to use more his brains insteed jumping skills and killer trapps .... well i like both style games through ...i admit i am a bit on hardcore style so i like more the adrenaline packed games with alot off trapps & time runs and killer jumps .. but this was not mean that i dont enjoy every mintute off this very good game ........ off course was some minnor things wich anoied me a bit ..... like for ex the dog wich was designed like a friend but was more a pain in the ass cos allways run on Lara and pull itt off from the way to be honnest i was wanted to kill the dog cos was get on my nerves but was impossible lol .... another minner thing wich i was not like the flare setting ..... dont light the place around enough and stand for short time only so needed to use alot and allmoust run out off it .... all in all good game wich ending nice with lara and his dog in the car riding at a city gate greated by a soldier ..gameplay (7) /puzzles (10) - so 8 /enemyes, secrets 9 all the rest 10 recomanded game cheers .." - Jack& (04-Jul-2009)
"If you didn't see the movie, the premise is explained in the Read Me. Lara is somehow immune to a plague that turns humans into mutants....very scary, aggressive mutants, and Lara is alone, experimenting with an antidote in the spooky atmosphere of a deserted, mutant infested NY. A TR level is uniquely suited to bring this movie to play and the authors have given us, in a way, a more satisfying experience than watching the actual movie, certainly in the ending. The emphasis is on exploration and puzzle solving: how to develop an antidote, how to find someone to experiment upon and how to fight the mutant hordes when they arrive and arrive they do. Lighting is perfection as is the sound - you hear the mutants feet on the ground before you see them. This is a shooter, at times, and if you get over to the other side of the city before you get the bike at night, then there's a prolonged shoot-out there, also. Better to wait for the bike at night. Some objects are surprising such as an extension ladder, a DVD, Sam's dish and a very handy cork and all are done well. A surprising twist near the end where Lara only has a new-found weapon in which to fight as The Trusty Pistols are gone for a bit and would be useless, anyway. Secrets are fun but you'll need a sharp eye and if you are in a hurry, they are easily missed. You may miss a secret or two but this level is not to be missed. Clara and masha are at the top of their game and have given us a masterpiece." - Bene (03-Jul-2009)
"Unfortunately, I have not seen the movie and after I finished this level, consider I, whether I must have still a look at the movie or not. Since I would bet all my not available money which this level is better than the movie. Since here two special experts have struck once again. Pity is only which I cannot compare film and level, because only so I could properly appreciate what Clara and Masha have built. And thus I can judge only this what I have played and have seen. But this is completely sufficient to be aroused enthusiasm absolutely. So many places which Lara must explore in search of a remedy against the epidemic. Time is she in the lab, then in the underground, then she explores the area to too different times of day, changes between the Levels to and fro, finds, finally, everything what she needs and catches an infected woman to test the serum. And I as a player was torn in halves. On the one hand there is to discover so much and marvel at which I just could have gone through to have a look at everything exactly. On the other hand must one solve some riddles, what one can fast forget. This has already happened to me with A time Odyssey by Trix. And exactly like Somewhere Somehow New York also already looks almost so realistic which one must not drive at all in this town to know how it looks there. Or one specially drives to compare between reality and illusion. To sum up, one must say that Clara and masha have built a real masterpiece." - Scottie (03-Jul-2009)
"This level is superb! :D Based on the movie "I am Legend" with Will Smith. I very like this films, and games, levels too. Really thrilling story, and scary too. The people are going to mutants, now Lara and her dog (Sam) are the only survival in NY. But its funny for me, because at the DVD shop there are 4-5 living, non mutanted people. Ok, so the you start in the city (of course :D) huge areas, and you need to searching for pinckups, keys. When the dog ran inside the dark building and i met with the mutans, i just scared, this is my fear :-D :-D Nice objects what Clara and Masha made. When the night is coming, the mutans are try to kill you, scary too. Maybe the home level was my fav, because i liked the texures, and the hard puzzles. (You need to find bowl, and water) and if ist nothing, you need to make destillated water too, very clever puzzle. So you can make the anti virus. The only reason why i give 9/10 to the gameplay: there are 100 mutans or more, and not too easy to kill these enemies. Overall i very liked it, very realistic city, museum, subway and houses, nice textures and ligthings. My stats: 1,32 hours and 3 secrets. If you will stuck, dont give up! :-D One of the best level what i ever played. :-)Thank you for this!" - Roli (03-Jul-2009)
"This reminder of Lara at the movies grabs our right from the main menu with a fantastic flyby along with Will Smith's words said by Jenni (Or Gandalf if you play the german version). Francis Lawrence's I Am Legend is recreated here with a slightly different storyline, as far as I understood this was due to limitations in representing some of the scenes as well as that the authors wanted to add a bit of their own. The ending turned out to be even better than the film (Though I warn you to follow Micheal's advice and see the movie first) The gameplay made me stuck in a few areas, usually becuase they introduced something to the level that so far I had not used, done, seen or even ctrl-ed. Normaly I'd just be very frustrated, but that was something that did not happen here. 'Frustration free or your money back' I would even dare to say. The one giant puzzle the followed us untill the very end of the level could not have been more detailed and accurate, it shows a great level of planning. As for the atmosphere I was hopeing for a more frightening emotion, something which only happend until I actually saw the monsters. (While in the actual movie, seeing them there for the first time was the climax of it). Still considering the rest of the level this really diserves a 10. On a more personal note: The best thing this adds to the movie is Sam's fate!" - Just Croft (03-Jul-2009)
"Let me start this review with a piece of advice: Go and rent the movie first, watch it and then sit back, relax and dive into this masterpiece of a level. Sure, you can play this without knowing the movie, but it will be such a different experience if you do. The movie quotes are plentiful and masterfully designed and integrated here, the overall setting inside and outside looks too good to be true, the use of audio (music, as well as sound effects) is literally breathtaking and I could go on and on and would still not be praising this adventure enough. I actually watched the title flyby three times before ever hitting New Game and even though I am not a big fan of the exploratory gameplay type, which is largely what the initial part is centered around, in this particular environment it was great fun and you always wanted to see what shows up behind the next corner. Clara and Masha have re-built several wonderful moments from the movie, including Sam as a companion (who thankfully does not die in the storyline here), the sportscar, the whole successful quest for the antidote (great multistage puzzle for this!), the shutting down of the house at night (as a clever timed run), the mutant massacre at night with the bike and probably best of all the capture of one of the mutants to apply the serum and the final climax and the escape. To top it all off, it ends with a wonderfully charming cutscene - again true to the movie storyline and when it ends you just sit there and don't know what to say and wonder why this was a so much more rewarding experience than watching the movie with its slightly different and very pathetic ending. Simply awesome! And I feel so lucky that I ended up only finding three of the six secrets: Guess I will just have to play this again... right now... see you all later... ;)" - MichaelP (02-Jul-2009)
"Let me say first that i loved the car. I was quite impressed overall actually; i didn't expect this to be as good. I thought the gameplay and story was great, i couldnt stop playing, lighting was perfect as were the textures, the only problem for me was the camera, i dont think there were enough clues and i got stuck on a few parts also the sound was a bit..boring for me; i think you should replace more default sounds to make it better. Overall, very impressive. Grade = A" - herothing (02-Jul-2009)