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BtB2011 - Deathmatch in Lost City by Erogan

Akcy 7 8 8 7
Blue43 8 8 8 8
Diz 8 9 9 9
DJ Full 7 7 7 6
dmdibl 9 8 9 8
EssGee 8 9 9 9
eTux 7 7 7 6
Jay 9 8 9 9
Jerrod 7 8 7 7
JesseG 7 6 7 6
Jorge22 8 8 8 8
Jose 8 8 9 9
Josey 9 10 10 10
Magnus 5 4 5 5
manarch2 7 8 8 8
MichaelP 7 7 7 7
Mman 8 9 8 7
Mytly 7 7 8 7
Nina Croft 8 8 7 7
Phil 8 8 8 9
requiemsoul 9 8 8 8
Ruben 9 9 9 8
Ryan 7 7 7 7
Scottie 6 7 8 9
Sethian 8 7 6 7
Shandroid 8 8 9 8
TheStig 8 8 8 8
release date: 24-Aug-2011
# of downloads: 105

average rating: 7.74
review count: 27
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file size: 52.21 MB
file type: TR4
class: Steampunk

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Another nice entry from BtB2011. Good for a debut too. While this is nowhere near spectacular, it does provide a fun raid and the unique element of offering two different routes for the player." - Ryan (23-Mar-2016)
"I like the ability to choose routes, but as long as they are so close to each other than You can see parts of each one all the time, You never know what You are supposed to miss and what You shouldn't. However gameplay is so easy that all kept becoming clear after a short time, most of it spent on fighting subsequent enemy waves anyway (as the initial part of the game might be considered a softcore shooter), so resultant gameplay is still decent. Speaking of mentioned enemies, they are increasingly strong as they should, but the final mutant can be killed with pistols, what is actually much faster than completing the revolver sidequest. Atmosphere surrounding it all isn't of the best sort - despite of many flowering green patches and trees used, the lighting is dully flat and neighbourhoods are textured the way only maintaining enough variety between separate locations, but TOTALLY lacking it inside them - e.g. almost the whole city is made of white brickstone, the whole fire platforming zone is wallpapered with concrete, and the mutant cave is surrounded with identical metal tiles, made just as boring as the ending slide canyon, while those two finalizing locations should conclude beauty of level instead. Also, the author forgot lanterns not only light the ground under them, but also walls around them. And there's absolutely no transition textures used on the ground, just hastily drawn fight between soil and grass. OK, leaving the graphics alone and moving to something more pleasant - the destroyed laboratory nicely pictures what the storyline tells, and I particularly laughed at the quest of the heart + battery item around the aquarium. Eventually I must mention the boulder trap audio, fitting the rolling ball mood extremely well. All other music is also used good. Cameras are nice and hintful, except the introducing flyby which I would shorten at least twice. SUMMARY: One of averagely atmospheric Steampunk trips, sometimes boring and ugly, however offering a route choice, fast action and ability to relax with easy puzzles." - DJ Full (14-Nov-2013)
"Quite a fun level here. Compared to some of the other btb2011 levels it is perhaps not quite as challenging but if your looking for something straight forward but enjoyable this fits the bill nicely. Progression is fairly linear through the nicely crafted courtyards. Lighting and texturing are to a good standard. I'll admit I'm not sure I found all areas to the level as there were two doors either side of the final battle with the dragon which I didn't seem to need to open in order to finish. All in all I netted just over an hour from Death Match in Lost City. It might not have the depth or complexity that some other levels in this competition have but it's never the less worthy of your consideration. Recommended :) Stiggy" - TheStig (14-Oct-2012)
"Objects: The start had a few too many enemies, throwing them all on the player before they have a chance to look around town. Some traps are easily avoided, like the underwater blades. The plants start to get annoying and in your way, and the secrets are a bit obvious. In the sense of decoration though, it was pretty good.
Textures: Above water things don't look bad, but it is noticeably worse underwater. Textures get warped in many places. Most notable are the very stretched mountains at the very end.
Atmosphere/Cameras: The intro flyby is a good start to the level. The atmosphere of the town is decent. The earthquake at the end is annoying as hell, especially as you're trying to find the one place where you can climb out of the pool of water.
Gameplay: The pushblock puzzles are pretty mundane, and there is one spot where it is possible to block yourself out of a room with a block (because you have to re-enter through its entrance). However I did appreciate the way the player was allowed to choose a route near the beginning.
Overall: It is a decent level that gives players some choice. If you can be patient with the annoyances, then go ahead and play it. Finished in 47:46." - SSJ6Wolf (14-Nov-2011)
"A nice, enjoyable level, not too easy, not too hard, although it does have its harder moments (namely the jumps above the lava) but not that hard. It's also straightforward enough after all the complications I've been through with previous levels and that feels like a gush of fresh air. The fact that there's only one serpent at the end instead of the so usual four in a row is also nice and friendly and makes it quite possible to deal with it with just the pistols and some re- saving on account of the locusts. There aren't too many ninja warriors either - that's good. The architecture is pleasantly conceived, the atmosphere is ok and the ending, with Lara on her glider/zipline, is better than her simply going down a steep tunnel. Not a masterpiece, but cool." - Jorge22 (22-Oct-2011)
"For me was the best debut in this contest. Really a very good level nice to play with no exceptional features but very entertaining. Perhaps if it was my level I never gave two choices for the players, 'cause this way they always lose a good part of the gameplay if they don't want to play the level twice, but a complet and compact level anyway, with well balanced enemies, good puzzles, good architecture and well worked lights and textures. I hope this promising author doesn't stop building in the future. Who knows? Recommended." - Jose (16-Oct-2011)
"Normally I would stay far away from a level with the word "deathmatch" in the title, but this is the Back to Basics competition, so sacrifices have to be made. The level does have a fair amount of enemies, but it's at least manageable (it's not a shooter level by any stretch), even if it does get annoying to constantly be under attack. Also annoying: saving and loading every five seconds to avoid locust swarms from the dragon near the end of the level. It was so bad that I kept accidentally loading immediately after saving for the rest of the level. When you're not fighting enemies, the level is pretty standard. Switches to pull, doors to open, blocks to push - there's nothing here that you haven't seen before, but it's competent enough. The author has a habit of hiding switches and keys in weird and unmarked places, though, so that's kind of annoying. The level's one sort-of-neat feature is giving you a choice between two doors near the beginning, and the choice will give you one of two different paths through the first half of this forty-minute level. The level looks okay but unimpressive, but assuming this is an effort from an inexperienced builder, it's not half bad. If you don't let the "deathmatch" part of the title scare you away, you'll find a decent enough level here." - Magnus (15-Oct-2011)
"And so I begin my journey through the BtoB2011 levels with the Deathmatch in Lost City. The panoramic initial flyby setups the tour of this level well, and it is clear that there is a good atmosphere that has been created here and an authentic looking city-scape. Early in the level the player is confronted with what I found to be a somewhat strange gameplay choice for a competition level. There is an alternative route choice that the player can make, but you may not realise that you have made that choice. If you don't make that association, you are left wondering about other unopened doors in the level. This is further complicated, by the four key holes that are available at one central location. This cluster of key holes, naturally lures the player into thinking that they are looking for more keys than they actually will have available to find, since only two keyholes are required depending on which path you choose. So as a player I'm sitting here going - there's a large section of this level that I haven't even seen yet, but I've finished the level. I've got thirteen other levels to 'judge', so I'm moving on. If you don't want me to see what the rest of the level looks like, then don't hide it from me with optional routes. Then there is a particularly hard-to-shatter window. Not only is it hard to shatter, but it is the only one of about six pretty much identical windows that will break. That's not very logical. The Deathmatch title is quite apt, as this level has it's fair share of enemies to bump off. The hardest of which is the final boss dragon until you get the suitable weapon, and the gauntlet you must run and climb to avoid being savaged is quite challenging. I only just made it through this section with some very judicious use of my last few medipacs. If not careful a player could end up unable to finish the level as medipacs were not so generously distributed given the number of enemies encountered. The side areas of the dragon room had a weird setup with the doors, and I found myself having to reload several times, because I'd ended up locked inside the side room. Overall the pluses on this level are that it is consistently well-lit, is of solid construction, has good texture application and so has a good atmosphere. The city area is well constructed. There are some good jump sequences, and generally it is fast-paced. On the downside, there are as mentioned earlier a number of ideas that don't quite convince. Gameplay is suitable for all skill levels, but it tends towards a shooter, so bring your weapons, and use your medipacs wisely." - EssGee (14-Oct-2011)
"This is a very good and enjoyable level, even though (and maybe because of) its simplicity. The author does a wonderful job at creating a god hour's worth of BtB gameplay, and there will be no part throughout the level where you will feel completely lost or stumped. The author has created an interesting city, which appears at first as if it might be confusing, but as far as cities go for this year's BtB levels this one is by far the best and makes the most sense. Texturing is fine, but lighting could have been a bit better and not so flat, so that is the only major setback with this level. Also, the author has a strange tendency of 'hiding' crawlspaces with an obviously placed single shadow bulb, which is a very strange choice, but at least you know when to strike a flare because a crawlspace will be there! Gameplay is very clear and fun, and the greatest part in my opinion was the"Choose your own route" key. This brings back memories of the"Race for the Iris" and"Tomb of Semerkhet" puzzles, where there were two possible routes for the player to take, one being harder than the other. In this case I kept a save and tried out both routes one after the other, and even though I didn't notice one being more challenging than the other, it was a nice way to change up the gameplay a bit and even add replay-ability to one's level. So, congrats to the author for including this - not enough custom levels do! Another minor setback with the level that I feel could have been improved is the use of audio tracks... some of the audio doesn't seem very fitting and also doesn't seem to enhance the"rainy","dark","deathmatch" atmosphere the author was going for with this level. The ending boss fight is quite good though and do-able, even with only the pistols, and the final effect that happens when the enemy dies is great - the fiery lava room turning to a refreshing water room with waterfalls. Objects are placed well, and the traps are also good - the builder doesn't overdo it with the difficulty. Secrets however are bit too easy and almost asking to be discovered. All in all a very good level, and the ending is great too with Lara"flying" at the camera. Well done!" - Sethian (11-Oct-2011)
"I usually take notes while playing levels so that I can later write my review from these, but with this BtB level I strangely noted down very little. That does not mean it is a bad level at all - it just did not surprise me a lot while it lasted and kept smoothly and quickly flowing through. The key specialty it has of course is the somewhat odd choice of offering two independent routes for part of the level, so about 30% of the adventure are easily missed if you do not bother restarting it and going the other way as well. Personally, I liked the torch route slightly better, but I am sure others would see it vice versa. The adventure starts with a long and nice flyby, but beyond that uses very little camera work - mainly because it is just not required, as progression is always rather obvious. Hiding crawlspaces in shadows is a bit of a cheap way of adding 'gameplay' and gets old quickly. The boulder traps throughout were fun though, as was the quick water pool drain and flood exercise and the jump/lava room. I really liked how the lava changed to water when the dragon gets killed - for me the highlight moment of the entire adventure. [0:57 + 0:20, 2/3 secrets]" - MichaelP (09-Oct-2011)
"From the title I expected a shooter level, and I was glad to be disappointed in that regard. There were quite a few enemies but the level is nowhere near fight heavy. The starting flyby timed for the chosen music, good directing there, with the nicely built rainy city they set a very pleasant atmosphere, which remained despite the fights. This part is very easy and good looking, perhaps a little more could have been done in the lighting department. An interesting idea with the optional routes, it won't cause significant difference, plus the builder was considerate to perfectionists and kindly put a shatterable window on the west building, so if you are one you only have to miss just a single fuse pickup; take the east door and push the crate under that window and you can jump in, the way back out is via a flare-wall bug. Later we go underground, that area is visually less inspired, at least we have a couple of slightly challenging tasks there, but still everything is on the easy side. There were some missing door sounds. The level is quite short, especially if you take either one route or the other, but if you play the levels in the provided order you will appreciate this forgiving one after the madness of the previous, pardon the pun, I know I did." - Akcy (09-Oct-2011)
"This level is very nicely developed, so we have here a balanced mixture of all necessary elements one good raid should have. The level starts in a city, but from the streets, quite unexpectedly, we are suddenly inside a lava cave with slides... The builder had some nice ideas when he gave us a route to choose, although the puzzles are already seen a lot of times before. The gameplay is very fluent, there are no places to get hopelessly stuck, and this short adventure is very nicely finished by a boss fight. One tip: don't try to kill the dragon before you get the Revolver, because he might freeze and become impossible to kill. Enemies (apart from the dragon) are well chosen and balanced, objects are used in a standard way (could have been much better), and secrets are very easy to find. The biggest problem here is the lighting & textures, since the first has some rather illogical shadows, and most of the time seems generic. Textures have too many cracks, and as the level goes towards the end, they become more and more twisted and stretched. There are nice camera hints whenever necessary, but nothing spectacular, not even a fixed camera, for example. This level definitely cannot win the competition, but also, it is very player-friendly, and suitable even for the beginners. If you want to summarize TR in one level, then this should be my candidate for that. It has everything you want to see (except maybe timed runs), including swimming sequences, exploration, action, climbing, escaping boulders, sliding and all other elements of a very dynamic and interesting adventure. Too bad that the builder did not use the full potential of the .wad he was given. Who knows what we could have seen should he has used it to the full." - Nina Croft (05-Oct-2011)
"This is a fairly good, but not exceptional level. The opening area is quite impressive, with lots of greenery and a nice outdoor city area. But the indoor areas and the later parts are quite dull in comparison, and brown seems to be the main colour scheme throughout the level. The textures in the final canyon are horribly stretched. A number of crawlspaces are hidden in darkness, so make sure you pop a flare every time you come to a shadowy corner. I don't get why several rooms have two doors, i.e. one after the other.
The ability to choose one's route is a very nice touch. But the choice does not make much of a difference except in the first 15-20 minutes of the level, and the routes themselves are not particularly different. I think it's an interesting idea, but the builder could have made much more of it than he/she did. The final boss fight is intended to be quite complex, involving a hunt for the revolver, while surviving attacks by locusts and ninjas - yet it's perfectly possible to simply defeat the dragon with the pistols or shotgun, rendering the side-trips completely unnecessary. The highlights of the level for me are the jumps in the lava room, and the escape with the glider.
Overall: A nice level, but not quite the best of BtB2011." - Mytly (29-Sep-2011)
"When constructing gameplay with a number of alternative routes, the builder is always at a slight advantage over levels that don't by automatically having higher replay value, but at the same time at a slight risk that a player who played his/her game taking route A, might have enjoyed the level more by taking route B. The real test of such gameplay however is whether you can make it compelling enough for the player to replay the game through both (or indeed, all if there are more than two) possible routes. This might sting a bit for the builder of this particular game, but with nine more of the Steampunk back to basics levels ahead of me, and evaluating my experience in this one, I was not that convinced for the time being to try the left-hand route of the game when all was said and done. To make the builder feel better again - that had also been the case for me even for the official games where this strategy is employed (in some levels of TR3 and TR3: Gold too if I'm not mistaken) and to this day I still may not have seen (or worse - even be aware of!) all the possible alternate routes in those levels. But to return to critic mode again - my criteria for deciding usually is to see how interesting the tasks and looks that are already present in the level are, and Deathmatch in the Lost City was not always compelling in either aspect. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with the game per se, it just ends up being rather tame and run-of-the-mill. The looks do betray in a number of ways that this might be a beginner's effort - some areas are unjustifiably big, the room geometry is not as polished, lighting generally not used in a very interesting or sophisticated manner and textures could've been applied in a more 'cleaner' fashion at times. Though there are a number of nice tasks involved (loved the jump sequences over lava in the latter half of the game, and traps were overall used rather effectively), the gameplay feels scattered and lacking an overall structure. Getting some crucial items at times requires completing a puzzle, but at other times they are just lying there on the ground and it's only a matter of finding it among the shrubbery. Despite this, it is fun while it lasts and being already the 5th level of the competition could still hold it's own with a number of memorable moments (for example the dragon turning the water safe upon its demise, the ambush of the raptors, escape with the hang-glider). Found 3 secrets." - eTux (25-Sep-2011)
"A bit misleading title and description, as most of the level is not a fight to the death and there aren't mutants running around the city, but ninjas and animals. Nonetheless, this level is pretty straightforward and fun. I didn't care for so many dark areas, but there are plenty of flares to light the way and some of these dark areas hide crawlspaces. There aren't difficult gameplay sequences, but you aren't allowed to find a better gun until near the end, which was a bit stingy, I think. Nonetheless, the level looks good and it is a fun raid that is appropriate for novices and experienced players alike." - Shandroid (23-Sep-2011)
"An easy, well developed, and very enjoyable game; congratulations to the author! There are alternative routes in the path of Lara, making the play even more interesting. There is an attractive variation of sceneries, and a very plausible approach to reality. The earthquake at the end could be avoided, perhaps, and I found a little bug in the dragon part: killing the dragon before using the jumpswitch made it completely inactive, with the result that the doors remained closed; but if we use the jumpswitch without killing the dragon, Lara arrives at the warehouse. Nevertheless, playing this level was great fun, and I certainly will play it again." - Josey (20-Sep-2011)
"This level is a lot easier than the title might suggest, as the amount of opponents is not excessive, just a couple on ninjas, dogs and a few crows. It is fairly straightforward and while there is a bit of exploration it is not easy to get completely lost here. I did like the option with the alternate routes in the beginning, the jump and slide lava room and the interesting and compact layout of the map. The most challenging part is the final boss fight with a nasty dragon that just keeps spewing locust swarms at Lara, so there is lots of saving, reloading and feeding health packs required. As far as looks, the level has a nice and pleasant flair, but room design and texturing was kept rather simple. For me it was a very enjoyable raid and I am always thankful when builders design a level that does not require constantly looking for answers in a stuck thread. Definitely recommended! (1h 6min, 3 secrets found)" - Blue43 (18-Sep-2011)
"This was actually the shortest entry in this year's BtB for me with around half an hour gameplay. The level starts with a choice, there are two different routes that actually have some parts in common and get together very soon, so I think maybe combining both routes would have been better. Gameplay was very easy, some exploration with a little amount of fight and trap solving at the end, so that I didn't need any help to finish this level. The graphics are good, maybe the floor textures in the big courtyard (in front of the four keyholes) could be better. I liked some of the lighting effects in the rooms and the boss fight room with the dragon also looked well in its brightness. The end was really good, instead of placing the key item as in most of the other BtB levels you have a fun zip line ride to the end when you have released this city of the mutant dragon. Doesn't come up to the best levels, but provides some fluent and fun gameplay." - manarch2 (17-Sep-2011)
"This was a more pleasant, laid back outing than my last foray into the BtB competition, and I spent about an hour here after choosing the E (torch) route. After finishing the level I went back and chose the W (crowbar) route, didn't see a whole lot of difference and bowed out after an additional five minutes or so. I seemed to hit a little glitch near the end when I encountered the dragon. After firing at it for a while it simply went comatose, and Lara's fire was no longer drawn to it. Since killing the dragon is necessary for turning the lava into safe water, I manufactured a crossbow with explosive arrows and that did the trick. This is a solid, middle-of-the-road entry in the competition that won't likely win any awards, but it's a fun raid. Recommended." - Phil (17-Sep-2011)
"After playing both ways, I don't understand the choice of 2 ways in the city, especially for a game so short, do all tasks in the same game would extend the lifetime. Having said that, I don't know why, but my enthousiasm for this level is moderate, perhaps due to the murky ambiance or perhaps because the gameplay seems too mechanic, nothing is realy bad, but something is missing for a better experience." - Jerrod (13-Sep-2011)
"This level is mostly set in a town, with a factory type area in the second part. While they are beyond being "noob", I get the feeling the author is relatively new, as the visuals as a whole have a certain flatness to them that levels by more obviously experienced designers in the contest have averted. It still generally looks okay, but it doesn't have much flair to it.
This level's feature is that there are two different, mutually exclusive (although glitches can let you check out both at once if you go right first) paths through the first half of the level. This level is one of the shorter maps in the contest, and focusing on one path you could finish it in 30-45 minutes (with playing the other path bringing it up to about an hour). The splits are also a little uneven, and the left path blatantly has quite a bit more content than the right path. These things make me question whether the split really works overall, but it's a nice idea. The challenge level is quite low compared to most of the levels in BTB2011, and this is mostly a smooth ride to the end; if you play them in the provided order then that works out pretty well after some of the nasty sections in Madness is Not a Shame. Towards the end though the tasks feel a little too straightforward, to the point where you are just kind of going through the motions. A decent level, but not among the best in the contest." - Mman (11-Sep-2011)
"A nice little raid which also applies the Steampunk theme in a good way . A level that keeps you entertained in a gentle way ,far apart from the hardcore stuff I have seen in some other entries oh this years BtB that only please the builder`s heavy heart but nobody else . Even the wrath of the old dragon whose fire is long extinguished cannot harm Lara on her quest anymore.But some locusts are still alive and kicking so beware. The solution is mostly clear at hand or at least not miles away and never requires a days journey of backtracking. This builder has not put too much strain on the thankful player and should be rewarded by a decent rating for his efforts to present a straight forward classical TRLE adventure for everyone to play and enjoy." - Ruben (09-Sep-2011)
"Hmm, well, what I should say, the level name is a perfect fit to the course of the game. One goes a few metres and shoots an opponent. And goes a few metres and shoot an opponent. And opens a new room and shoots an opponent. And thus this goes on and on and further up to the bitter end. One searches a reasonable Gameplay here in vain. This level has not necessarily to offer interesting riddles and at the latest if one must flee for the third time before a Rollingball, this also becomes dull. The level is well built, this is not the problem. The problem is that there is little variety. The most interesting one was the lava room and maybe still the room with the dragon. I have played, in the meantime, almost all BtB2011 levels and can say that this level was the most dull one up to now. It wasn't any good at all if the textures are applied cleanly, a level must also have substance and character. And I have searched substance and character here in vain." - Scottie (09-Sep-2011)
"Despite the title, this is actually one of the gentler (and shorter) levels in the series. Initially, you get a choice of route (why not take the time to try both), but end up in the same area in short order. It's a fun, fast paced raid with simple puzzles and agility tests well within the scope of most raiders, which makes a good contrast with some of the other levels which would definitely preclude less experienced players. Even the dragon was easily despatched - it really does help when there's only one head to deal with. I liked 'boulder alley' at the end of the game, just before Lara exited via hang glider. A very pleasant experience." - Jay (06-Sep-2011)
"This was a really pleasant, fun level to play. The player starts off in an area and, after finding a key, has a choice of two doors to enter. Each one is different but similar in difficulty and each will, eventually, get you a set of keys to get through to the next area. It's certainly worthwhile to reload and play each set of rooms to get the most out of the level and if you're like me (as nosey as anything) you'll wonder what you missed if you don't. I must say that I like this type of choice in a level, it gives the player the illusion that they have a say in where to go and how to play (I know a woman who took 6 months to decide on bathroom decor colour - she should definitely not play this level). There are some decent agility tests and puzzles but nothing out of the range of most players, I particularly liked the boulder run near the end. The areas are well constructed and well furnished so there's never that bland, unfinished look that some levels have. Although, at the beginning, every bit of 'furnishing' you go near seems to have its resident crow or beetle, the place is infested! The textures are used in such a way that there's never the feeling of 'wallpapering' or stretching and everything looks solid and 'real'. The lighting is good throughout but I would advise using binos or flares in the occasional dark corner. About one hour thirty-five minutes of gameplay but that included doing both routes. A thoroughly good, fun raid." - Diz (05-Sep-2011)
"Well balanced and enjoyable. Your proposal reminds me the Rift in Sidonia by its immediacy. Good point there are two choices to choose first." - requiemsoul (05-Sep-2011)
"Starts out in an attractive city with steampunk objects. The five screenshots for this level don't do it justice, as this city is far more interesting than they suggest. Weather is dismal and raining. Lara gets a red key--"Choose a Route"--for two alternate game plays, depending on which door she selects to unlock. I played both alternate routes simultaneously, switching back and forth between savegames (keep savegames in separated slots and, yes, it is confusing). With one route Lara gets a red plug/sun disk, with the other, a gear/crowbar. With these she finds a second key, for doors where both paths merge together again--the doors with four keyholes. At that point I checked each alternate route savegame, and one had much more shotgun ammo and medipacks than the other, so that was the one I used to continue. The alternate routes start as a novelty but, since some areas are shared in common, they do extend game play. At an hour fifteen minutes, this is one of the shorter contest entries, playing a single route. When Lara goes underground play feels more common. The dragon succumbed quickly; Lara had so much shotgun ammo she didn't even need to get the revolver. I liked the ending view of Lara on the glider. I'm ambivalent about the alternate route idea as applied here, but this is a good solid level, with play accessible to everyone, with a good city area to start." - dmdibl (02-Sep-2011)